An update: PHOTOGRAPHIC FILMS UPDATE + More exciting news!

Thank you for your patience. We’ve finished manufacturing on THREE colour products and are lining up new black and white manufacturing runs for next year, as well. After a lot of hard work, we have finally resolved (forever) our bottleneck with the all important cartridging/spooling.

We are very excited to confirm that we have established a completely new partnership for our photo-finishing -- the biggest bottleneck we have faced so far. After many meetings with potential vendors, we are now ready to power ahead with the long overdue packaging and shipping. This partnership will allow us to confection more than 1000-2000 canisters a day, almost immediately! See photos attached.

However, there are some slight changes that we wanted to make you aware of.

Firstly, pre-orders will ship directly from our three locations in Europe, USA and UK depending on your shipping address, meaning that these orders should get to you quicker than ever before when they were just shipping from one location.

Next, you spoke and we listened. Inspired by you, our ORWO photographic stock will now be packaged in an eco-friendly plastic packaging which can be recycled and in turn, making us as manufacturers, and you as consumers, more environmentally friendly every single time you use a reel of ORWO. This means that the films will no longer be packaged in DX coded steel canisters, and then inside a cardboard box. Minimise waste!

We are still making a limited number of reels in the traditional packaging to satisfy the legacy users and previous orders already made. However, our aim is to always make sure that we are doing this at a strict minimum and then eventually eliminating in the near future to reduce any/all unnecessary packing. However, regardless of its packaging you will always be able to enjoy the high quality results of ORWO film every single time you expose your shots.

In addition to this, you may have noticed that our Colour Cine stocks have been released! Last week we started with a huge flash sale. Flash sales will become quite common place… basically every time that there is a bulk order for a movie, there will be a limited time flash sale - where the economy of scale of their buying power, will be passed to you, the consumer — this flash sale was created by a sale of bulk colour cine stock which is to be used on an upcoming WW1 feature film production in the UK in January. So always be keeping your eyes peeled for whenever we have these flash sales for all of our exciting new Motion Picture releases.

It’s an exciting time to be a user of ORWO Film and we appreciate your patience.

Happy Holidays!

Orwo Colour Photographic Film Showcase with reels in front