Orwo 16mm NC400 Colour Cine

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You loved The 16mm version of NC500, now it's time for NC400 to shine!

Perfect for both Indie and full length productions, you can be sure to rely on NC400 for any project. Whether you are looking for a natural look, or even a gritty look, the versatility of this stock at even 16mm is unmatched.

With a lack of Remjet layer, you can now also rely on any form of processing, whether it be ECN2 or C41 making your productions faster, reliable and greener!

We are not trying to imitate current stocks available on the market, we are creating an alternative, something with different characteristics and a different palette.

Additional Information
Film Type: Colour Negative Film
Development: ECN2 & C41
ASA: 400
Reel Lengths: 100ft, 100ft x2 & 400ft